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Jean-Jacques Galinier

Jean-Jacques Galinier

Jean-Jacques Galinier has a passion for martial arts and Chinese energy arts. Since the age of 10 he was attracted by Asia and the knowledge it has generated in its long tradition.

In 1982 he began studying Yang style Taijiquan. Since 1984, he studied with a Western Master "Universal Knowledge, named Métamatique" by its creator William Arnaud. With him, and he studies the different philosophical and metaphysical currents, the great religions, history and the humanities ... and continues this work within development for over 30 years.

In 2005 he met Master Ding Dahong and officially becomes his heir disciple in 2006. That same year he was recognized "renowned master Taiji Quan Shi Ming" by a committee of experts to Wenxian Masters-China (capital of Chenjiagou , historic cradle of Taiji Quan).

Presentation Master Ding Dahong

Master Ding Dahong

Born in 1937, September 22 (as Jean-Jacques Galinier), he practiced from an early age, including the Wu Shu Xing Yiquan until he met Taiji to 18 years. in 1955, he one day meets a mature man with a great white beard that makes him believe in the appearance of a Taoist immortal. He decided to follow him and discovers that he is the director of a clinic in bonpu (3 hours drive from Hefei, capital of Anhui province). Eventually he also discovers he is called Dai Yetao and is a traditional doctor and master of Qigong, known in China for having developed a specific Qi Gong 5 of Animals. In addition he was a student of Yang Chengfu died prematurely in 1936 and grand son of the patriarch who gave the name to the most famous style in the world, the style of the Yang family Taiji Quan.

Master Ding begs him to accept him as student and teacher Dai accepts and begins teaching him Taiji Quan of the Yang family, Qi Gong and Tui Na (traditional massage) for about ten years until his doctor work make him leave the area. In the late 60s, in full cultural revolution he meets his style master Chen, Tian Xiuchen (1917-1984) disciple of the famous Chen Fake (1887-1957) which taught Taiji Quan Chen family from 1928 until his disappearance in the capital Beijing. Master Ding Dahong becomes disciple of Tian Xiuchen and learns from him before labor camps under Mao Zetong totally ruining his health. The only filmed document of this great master appear after the Cultural Revolution in the late 70s with a weakened man who can barely walk. Nevertheless he taught until the last moment his art, including his nephews, Qiutian Tian Tian Qiu Tian Mao and Qiuxin.

Master Ding, born of an aristocratic family is also classified as intellectuals and is also found during this period known as the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), in the labor camps. nonetheless it continues its training in secret before and after 11 hours of daily work spent in an assembly line. From an early age he studied thirst for knowledge and therefore all Chinese classics like French literature, German, Italian, Spanish and English.

Later he directed all his attention on the art of Taiji Quan and continues therefore pursue professional development. He travels and China to meet the masters of all styles of Taiji Quan to better understand this art in depth. Many of them become friends and recognize in him the makings of a master. It accepts only from 1985 to teach following an urgent request. Just after he was asked his followers will engage students in major competitions in the territory in which they will shine through multiple gold medals in individual and team. In 2005 one of his disciple, Master Yu Xiuzhi residing in Qingdao in Shangdong province, including his son studied in Toulouse, France and teaches Taiji Quan with Jean-Jacques Galinier, asks him if he is interested to come to France to meet him and why not teach it. After careful consideration and after watching the first DVD of Jean-Jacques Galinier in the Yang style, he agrees. Subsequently it is known as Jean-Jacques Galinier decides to follow her completely richer education than what he already knew and became his disciple official in August 2006 in Hefei, in a ceremony in which a Chinese sixties from different regions were invited to witness this transmission (Bai Shi Tie).

Ding Dahong et Zhang Aizhen

Maître Dai YetaoMaster Dai Yetao (1899-1973 ?)

Traditional doctor and clinic manager in China.

Master Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan Yang style in the tradition of Yang Chengfu.

Master Tian Xiuchen (1917-1984)

Maître Tian Xiuchen

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